NeuroPID is a prediction tool for Neuropeptide Precursors (NPPs) and Neuromodulators

  • NeuroPID provides a list of candidate NPPs and neuromodulators at a genomic scale from unexplored proteomes using sequences as input.
  • Neuropeptides (NPs) are produced by neurons. NPs are the cleaved products of the NPPs. The canonical NPP cleavage sites occur at the dibasic signatures.
  • All NPPs are secreted proteins that contain Signal peptides. NPs regulate cell homeostasis, metabolism and behavior via cell signaling in all animals.
  • NeuroPID predictions rely on 4 machine learning models including support vector machines (SVM) and ensemble decision tree classifiers.

Input sequences (FASTA format)



Upload a file (FASTA format)


Sample Fasta Files

Below 3 examples of fasta files. The first example includes a full test case analysis.

Amphibian proteins (sample) annotated with Signal peptide (a test case analysis).

Hymenoptera proteins annotated with Signal Peptides and without Transmembrane domains.

Tribolium proteins with predicted Signal Peptides and without Transmembrane domains.

Last update : March 2015